Nur'aeni Nur'aeni, Trisnowati Josiah, Iwan Zulfikar


Indonesia is known as an agricultural and maritime country, namely agriculture and fisheries. Both are sub-sectors that play an important role in life as well as providing clothing and food. The purpose of this research is to study the villages scattered as the peasant city with the polar role and growth center supported by Rural District Online. It is an ongoing perspective to market agricultural products and fisheries as has been done by countries such as Taiwan and Thailand). This research is more innovative on the potential utilization of village areas in sectoral reviews combined with the concept of space.The role of the poles and the growth centers that will sustain the existence of Farmers and Fishermen is a revelation of space that has been neglected. Pole and Center of Growth in the space scale (space) is a container that is always filled and busy (economic activity) and is the main carrying capacity in running the economy of a region. This is to answer, that today there are still some areas that are always left behind, so there is reasonable Ministry of Disadvantaged Areas. To answer this, it is deemed necessary and an act of acceleration if the dispersed villages containing the activities of Agriculture and Fishermen are sustained by the zeal of the territory predicated by the Agro Industrial Center (Kota Tani) and introducing its products through the business world.Agro Industrial Center will need to be supported by Rural Online to be supported as a sustainable perspective to market agricultural products. Today a variety of businesses are increasingly adaptive to the advancement of information technology. Conventional business patterns have tended to be abandoned and move towards businesses that utilize marketing through social media and online. So there needs to be an agricultural product marketing innovation in the hope that many countries have access to it and can become consumers of the products offered. Currently the internet world emerged as one way of disseminating market information to sustain the Agro Industrial Center as a form of "City of Farmers".Keywords: village innovation, farm town, rural district online, agro industrial center

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