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The Village Act explains that the village community empowerment is a manifestation of the village independence. Village Community Empowerment conducted through the development of independence and the welfare of the community by increasing knowledge, attitude, skill and behavior, awareness and the usage of human resources through education and training, construction and counseling in order to understand the essence of The Village Act. Human Resource Development is the ongoing effort to improve the quality of human resources in the broadest possible sense through education, training and construction (Silalahi, 2000 : 249). Generally, the problem is the limited number of human resources to manage and utilize the potential of the village. The focus in this research is how to develop the human resources in realizing the independent villages. Independent village is a village which is able to fulfill its own needs without relying help from the government. The method that used in this research is a qualitative descriptive method and with the collection of data through observation, literature and documentation. The results of research showed that the village/Pekon Ambarawa has done the Human Resource Development through : 1) Education and Training, 2) Counseling 3) Construction   that related to the management of village potential. The right training and development of human resources could give a good effect in improving the quality of human resources. Thus the village communities could develop themselves and able to understand the nuts and bolts of the implementation of the work more deeply  , easily understand information , understand each of the difficulties faced and be able to understand the wisdom and the government regulations that applied.The conclusion from this research is development of human resources is very important to realize independent villages, because of human resources is a factor in achieving goals that have been assigned. While the suggestion that needs to be done is to make a study visit to the villages which have been developed to be implemented in the village.

Keywords : human resources, independent villages.


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